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Quickstart Guide

Hornil StylePix Quickstart Guide

Keyboard Shortcuts

All the tools are accessible by following: Many commands are accessible via the keyboard. Hornil StylePix do not distinguish Uppercase or lowercase letters. For example, you can access the  Select And Move tool via either s key or S key. Key Only Following are consisted of only… Read More »Keyboard Shortcuts

Batch Processing

The batch processing is a very useful tool to process the repetitive tasks such as changing the size or type of an image file. To start the Batch Process tool After batch processing tool is started, Batch attribute panel is… Read More »Batch Processing

Slide show

The Slide show displays a series of chosen pictures is located in current working folder. To start the Slide Show

Applying Styles

The layer can have the styles such as shadow, glow and etc. You can easily apply the styles to the layer using style tab in Tool Options with Select And Move tool. The various styles are managed in Style List… Read More »Applying Styles

Action List

Every time you select, paint, and resize etc, each of those states is listed seperately in the action list. To revert to a previous state of the image, click the name of the state on the action list or press Ctrl + z.… Read More »Action List

Selections & Masks

The region selection is parts of an image, selected part in StylePix is highlighted by an animated dashed line. The region selection is only used in image object. But, You can use other objects after rasterizing. The region selection is… Read More »Selections & Masks